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Langston Hughes, American Poet 1902-1967

Welcome to the Langston Hughes School for Poets. As many of you know, Langston Hughes, one of the bright lights of the Harlem Renaissance is among America’s most essential poets. He impacts my life and poetry in powerful ways, he actually serves as a literary hero, mentor, patron saint for me. This page, The Langston Hughes School for Poets, will feature prompts for poems, reflections and other resources about poetry. It will focus especially on my Spring 2023, English IV, Creative Writing: Poetry class. But any poets are welcome here. Scroll down for prompts, and other resources. As I add content, I will add from the top so the most recent posts are just below the photograph under this paragraph. The older ones will follow the new ones. Feel free to look back at older posts too. If you find a prompt or reflection especially helpful, please email me and let me know at JosephRoss20017@gmail.com.

During my two days of research in the Langston Hughes Archives at the Langston Hughes Memorial Library, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania.

January 2023 – An “I’m From” poem
This poem tries to voice some autobiographical aspect of the poet. It tries to share something about “where” or “who” the poet is “from.” This might be a poem about a place, a school, a house, a neighborhood, a country. It might also be a poem about a family, a parent, a group of people. We are often “from” people, not just places. Explore this idea.

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