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Langston Hughes, American Poet 1902-1967

Welcome to the Langston Hughes School for Poets. Langston Hughes impacts my life and poetry in powerful ways, he actually serves as a literary hero, mentor, patron saint for me. This page, The Langston Hughes School for Poets, features prompts for poems, reflections and other resources about poetry. Scroll down for prompts, and other resources. If you find a prompt or reflection especially helpful, please email me and let me know at JosephRoss20017@gmail.com.

During my two days of research in the Langston Hughes Archives at the Langston Hughes Memorial Library, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania.

Spring, 2023 – A Poem about Free Time
Consider writing 15-20 lines about Free Time. What do you do when you have unclaimed time? Is there any such thing as “Free Time?” What does it mean to you to feel pressed by time, liberated by time?

Spring, 2023 – A Poem about a Mural
Write a poem about this mural by DRONES. It’s in the Petworth neighborhood of Washington, D.C. What is happening in the mural? What the does the text “Family First” mean to you? What might have happened just before or after the moment this image captures?

Spring, 2023 – A Poem Drawn from History
For this month, try writing a poem about an historical event, particularly from African-American history. Consider 15-20 lines about a lesser-known person from the struggle for civil rights: Diane Nash, Bayard Rustin, Ella Baker, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bob Moses. If you explore one of their names online you will find plenty to write about.

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