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When Students Teach

Twelve of my students amazed me last week. They didn’t surprise me, I knew they could do it. But I still wasn’t certain the plan would unfold with such beauty. For the last few years, my student-poets have built a relationship with 4th and 5th graders at Bishop Walker School in Congress Heights, Southeast, Washington,Continue reading “When Students Teach”

LGBTQ Refugees Attacked Again in Block 13 – Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya

It is hard to even find words for the suffering of LGBTQ refugees in Block 13, Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya. For more than two years, they have been attacked by local people, other refugees, even the security forces charged with protecting them. Last night, August 16, 2021, several of their shelters were set afire. Fortunately,Continue reading “LGBTQ Refugees Attacked Again in Block 13 – Kakuma Refugee Camp, Kenya”

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