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True American Founders

The people who truly founded America didn’t have to be alive at its founding. Some might find that an odd thought but it’s not odd at all. If we respect the most basic ideal on which America was founded: freedom, then those who lived that ideal are the true American Founders. George Washington and ThomasContinue reading “True American Founders”

Facing Race in America

Sometimes, when people discuss removing Confederate statues from places of public honor, they ask where the removals will end. They wonder if we should remove public honors from anyone who owned slaves, assisted the Confederacy. Simply put, the answer is “Yes.” America needs to dive into its history with honesty and decide to stop honoringContinue reading “Facing Race in America”

Guest Blogger Jimmy Friday’s Poetic Response to Police Brutality

I’m grateful and honored that my friend, Jimmy Friday, wrote this poem for my blog. Jimmy is a husband and father raising two Black sons. He lives in Houston, Texas. #ThatDidntAgeWell By Jimmy Friday Hypocrisy and lack of action, don’t age well. Turning a blind eye on THIS issue (to my detriment) but caring aboutContinue reading “Guest Blogger Jimmy Friday’s Poetic Response to Police Brutality”

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