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Teaching Year #34: Letting the Literature Lead

Teaching Year 34 is done. Like most school years, this year held some wonderful moments and some heartbreak as well. In the classroom, the year felt successful. We had some great encounters with American Literature. From Anne Bradstreet, Emerson, Wheatley, Dickinson, and Douglass, to Whitman, Sandburg, Hughes, Coates, Silko, Clifton, and Espada, many of my…

CRUSHED & CROWNED – Available for Pre-Order from FlowerSong Press

I am so grateful to share that CRUSHED & CROWNED, my newest poetry collection, is available for pre-order from FlowerSong Press. I am thrilled that Edward Vidaurre, and the wonderful people at FlowerSong Press have accepted this book and will bring it out in the Fall of 2023. You can order it at the link…

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