Langston Hughes School for Poets

Welcome to the Langston Hughes School for Poets. This page offers writing prompts, reflections on Langston Hughes’ poems, as well as other poetry resources for poets of every age and experience. If you write something, prompted by this page, that you especially like, let me know via email at

Langston Hughes, 1934

Prompts for Spring 2021:

  1. In a 20-25 line poem, consider one lesson you have learned from the Covid-19 pandemic. Show us, with details, what you’ve learned.
  2. Pick one moment, perhaps a 60-second moment, and immerse your reader into it. What happens? What sounds, tastes, smells, textures, or sights come to you in this moment?
  3. Describe a person you admire. Show us the person with details and show us the person acting in the way you find admirable.
  4. Describe a piece of music that “gets you through.” Use as many details as you can.

Langston Hughes mural, 7th Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

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