Philip C. Kolin’s REACHING FOREVER: These Poems Are Comfort & Revolution

When I write a review / reflection on a book of poems, I usually read through it many times and fold down the page corner on a poem I want to quote. With Philip C. Kolin’s Reaching Forever, after the first few reads, I’d turned the corner down on nearly every poem. This book teemsContinue reading “Philip C. Kolin’s REACHING FOREVER: These Poems Are Comfort & Revolution”

If Martin Luther King Were Living

Three days ago, on April 4th, we marked fifty-one years since Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee. That awful act changed the course of America’s history. It’s impossible to know exactly how our country would have grown if he had lived. This year, he would be ninety years old. Imagine if Dr. KingContinue reading “If Martin Luther King Were Living”

Stop Honoring Slaveowners

If freedom lives at the heart of the American idea, then denying people freedom is profoundly un-American. This shouldn’t be a shocking idea. Keeping people from living their lives in freedom contradicts everything America means. Thus, it is time to stop honoring slaveowners. All of them. Even, and especially, those who were presidents, those weContinue reading “Stop Honoring Slaveowners”

Orlando Pinder’s “RETOLD”

Orlando Pinder is a young film maker I’ve known since he was a small child. He has grown into a man of conscience and talent. His most recent work, a five-minute film titled “RETOLD,” shows the people of Chicago’s South Side Bronzeville neighborhood in ways they are not often shown. A neighborhood more broadly knownContinue reading “Orlando Pinder’s “RETOLD””

August: The Perfect Month

Many will say “nothing is perfect.” But to me, August combines the beauty of summer’s warmth, the green explosion of trees, and the joy of returning to school. Where I live, in Washington, D.C., this August bursts with green. The rains of July make the trees a shine. Leaves on oaks, elms, and maples shimmerContinue reading “August: The Perfect Month”