Guest Blogger Jimmy Friday’s Poetic Response to Police Brutality

I’m grateful and honored that my friend, Jimmy Friday, wrote this poem for my blog. Jimmy is a husband and father raising two Black sons. He lives in Houston, Texas.


By Jimmy Friday

Hypocrisy and lack of action, don’t age well. Turning a blind eye on THIS issue (to my detriment) but caring about THAT issue doesn’t age well. Coming up with excuses in disagreement with Black Peoples’ problems don’t age well. Using whataboutisms as a “get out of jail free” card from caring about your fellow human being will not age well. Picking and choosing your issues, ignoring your brother and sister, won’t age well.

A few other things that you did…#ThatDidntAgeWell

Your proclamation in 1999 that you “don’t see color” and that you treat everyone the same, #ThatDidntAgeWell

Saying “racism is dead” back in 2002, #ThatDidntAgeWell

Your sending of “thoughts and prayers” immediately followed by cessation (of them) and lack of action, #ThatDidntAgeWell

Your disagreement with his kneeling is something #ThatDidntAgeWell

That post saying “All Lives Matter” is something #ThatDidntAgeWell

Your addiction to being comfortable and not taking a stand, #ThatDidntAgeWell

Your saying “I agree with you, but find another way to protest” is something #ThatDidntAgeWell

Your protest to the mask, the shutdowns, quoting YOUR civil rights, #ThatDidntAgeWell

Emmett Till didn’t age well.
His momma wanted the casket open, she said “”I wanted the world to see what they did to my baby.”

Trayvon Martin didn’t age well.
He just wanted some Skittles.

Philando Castille didn’t age well.
He just looked like somebody.

Breonna Taylor didn’t age well.
Because she needed some sleep.

Botham Jean didn’t age well.
Because she “thought it was her apartment”.

Sandra Bland didn’t age well.
It was just a “Terry stop”.

Amaud Aubrey didn’t age well.
He went for a run.

Atatiana Jefferson didn’t age well.
She had to babysit.

George Floyd didn’t age well.
Allegedly counterfeit. He couldn’t breathe. He didn’t resist. He didn’t deserve to die. Speaking of counterfeit…

Your fake ass outrage over the looting… And your willful ignorance of the shootings…
I don’t mean the hashtags
I mean the body bags… Of countless brothers and sisters before the awakening.

I can only hope, as a husband,
That one day, I make it home
I can only pray, as a father
That one day, they make it home.

I’d like to age well. I’d like for my children to age well. I’d like for them to know what it’s like to live, and love, and win, and fail, and lose… In a fair fight.

But I’ve also gone for a run.
I’ve also sat in my home.
I’ve also babysat.
I’ve also looked like someone else.
And sometimes I need to sleep.

I pray that WE can age well.

Because THEY didn’t.

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Poet & Teacher. Author of four books of poetry: Raising King (2020) Ache (2017) Gospel of Dust (2013) Meeting Bone Man (2012)

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