A Story to Love: PIGEON ENGLISH by Stephen Kelman

Harrison Opoku is a Ghanaian boy living in London. He lives in a high-rise housing project and he is fully, entirely alive. He is eleven years old. He asks excellent questions, wonders why people do cruel things to others, and seeks his way in the world. This book, told in Harri’s words, took me awayContinue reading “A Story to Love: PIGEON ENGLISH by Stephen Kelman”

WE ARE CHARLESTON: An Essential Book

Herb Frazier, Bernard Edward Powers, and Marjory Wentworth give us a great gift. Their new book, We Are Charleston: Tragedy and Triumph at Mother Emanuel, offers readers a beautifully woven account of ¬†overlapping histories. This readable book offers the racial history of Charleston and the South generally, the powerful and creative history of Emanuel AfricanContinue reading “WE ARE CHARLESTON: An Essential Book”