Shine & Break: Lenelle Moise’s HAITI GLASS

Poet and playwright, Lenelle Moise has given us a new collection of poetry, Haiti Glass. This book of poems, from City Lights Books,  shines and glistens. Its language is delicate, intricate, and tender. It challenges and breaks your heart at the same time. One good word to describe this book’s power is “sonic.” These poems wereContinue reading “Shine & Break: Lenelle Moise’s HAITI GLASS”

Loving the Questions in American Literature

I’ve just finished my twenty-fifth year of teaching, which probably deserves its own blog post. But I’ve also just completed my second year teaching American Literature, a body of literature I love. This is what I’ve been thinking about for the last several days — the many ways I’ve learned, in the last two years–Continue reading “Loving the Questions in American Literature”

James Cone Connects Us All: THE CROSS and the LYNCHING TREE

Back in my seminary days, I loved reading and writing about James Cone. He was one of the few theologians I would call fierce. He would not accept a theological idea that could not be connected to everyday human life  and suffering. He did not live or concern himself with a disembodied world of ideas.Continue reading “James Cone Connects Us All: THE CROSS and the LYNCHING TREE”