Remembering Kevin Nelson, 1985-2004

Some teenagers are gym rats– kids who play ball in their school’s gym at lunch, breaks, before school, after school. Kevin A. Nelson, II was a Writing Center rat. He was in the Writing Center often during his junior and senior years at Archbishop Carroll High School. He might have been writing, re-writing, surfing theContinue reading “Remembering Kevin Nelson, 1985-2004”

“Thanks” by W.S. Merwin Insists on the Power of Gratitude

“Thanks”┬áby W.S. Merwin exactly captures the power and beauty of gratitude. It’s the all or nothing quality he proclaims which, to me, holds the real power of gratitude. How crucial it is to harness our own power to be thankful for everything that comes to us. This doesn’t mean everything is beautiful or feels right.Continue reading ““Thanks” by W.S. Merwin Insists on the Power of Gratitude”

Derrick Harriell’s ROPES: Poems on Boxing, America, and Us

Derrick Harriell’s new poetry collection ROPES, from Willow Books, effortlessly carries many themes, just as its title does. ROPES can hang us, save us, bind us. Sometimes in our lives we’re “on the ropes.” These poems are as rich and layered as the collection’s title. ┬áThis collection is historical poetry, sports poetry, boxing poetry andContinue reading “Derrick Harriell’s ROPES: Poems on Boxing, America, and Us”

Ethelbert Miller’s E-Box: Books & Friendship

A few times a year, Washington, D.C. poet and literary activist E. Ethelbert Miller (and his wonderful wife) put together an E-Box for another poet. An E-Box contains books specifically chosen for that poet from Ethelbert’s vast personal library. But it contains more than books. Its best gift is the friendship and kindness which theContinue reading “Ethelbert Miller’s E-Box: Books & Friendship”