Age, Youth, Love, & Loss in Amy Herzog’s “4000 Miles”

“The worst thing about getting old– is losing your words.” Tana Hicken as Vera, laments to her grandson, Leo, this particular sadness about aging. Amy Herzog’s play “4000 Miles” enters the space between a grandmother, presumably in her 70s or 80s, and her 20-something grandson. The Studio Theater has done a remarkable production of thisContinue reading “Age, Youth, Love, & Loss in Amy Herzog’s “4000 Miles””

Brian Gilmore’s “Chocolate City Review”

We live in a world of a zillion blogs. Some rant, some merely crank out one opinion atop another. But the good ones, the truly reflective and insightful ones, stand out for their careful thinking, good writing, and humble assertions. Brian Gilmore’s “Chocolate City Review” has all this. It’sĀ among the best blogs I know. BrianContinue reading “Brian Gilmore’s “Chocolate City Review””

45 Years After Dr. Martin Luther King: How Are We Doing?

Forty-five years ago today, Dr. King was back in Memphis. He had been in the city weeks before to support the city’s black sanitation workers in their “I am a man” campaign. The black sanitation workers were on strike against the city’s unequal pay practices; they were paid less than their white counterparts doing theContinue reading “45 Years After Dr. Martin Luther King: How Are We Doing?”

April Fools’ Day – Everyone’s Holiday

While some don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter, Passover or an Eid, April Fools’ Day is one for us all. If we’re honest, we have to admit we are all, at some point, very foolish people. We make decisions based on fleeting desires. We give in to ease and make choices which do not relfect ourContinue reading “April Fools’ Day – Everyone’s Holiday”