MEETING BONE MAN Selected & New Poems on YouTube

Sometimes hearing a poem creates a stronger experience than reading one. Though I think of myself as more a “page” poet than a performing poet, at the urging of some friends I’m beginning to put some poems on the Joseph Ross YouTube page. Here you can listen and watch various poems being read. At present, the poems are mostly from Meeting Bone Man. All but one of the videos come from actual readings with audiences present.

The most recent video was created for a new anthology, coming out in August, 2013 titled This Assignment Is So Gay: LGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teachingedited by Megan Volpert, published by Sibling Rivalry Press. In this video, I’m reading two poems: “Conversation after Class 1” and “Elegy for a Student: Kevin Nelson.” The next video was taken at DG Wills Bookstore in La Jolla, California. This historic bookstore hosted me for a reading last summer. In this video I read three poems: “Witness Trees 1,” “Grave Marker at Gettysburg Cemetery,” and “Bone Man Loves Parties.” The third video comes from the Meeting Bone Man launch reading at Busboys & Poets in Washington, D.C. April 15, 2012. In this video I read “First and Last,” a poem nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of Poet Lore. The final video on the page was taken during a reading at Giovanni’s Room, a historic GLBT bookstore in Philadelphia. In this video, I’m reading “Cool Disco Dan 1.”

I hope you enjoy hearing these poems.

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Poet & Teacher. Author of four books of poetry: Raising King (2020) Ache (2017) Gospel of Dust (2013) Meeting Bone Man (2012)

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