Ban Automatic Weapons Before Christmas

It’s simple. It requires some legal minds to write the legislation. That can be done in two days. President Obama must call Congress into session on Monday, December 17th. Both the Senate and the House should be asked to vote on a simple bill that would ban automatic weapons. Don’t let anyone attach a bunch of crazy stuff to sink the bill. Just write the bill, put it to Congress, and let America see who will and who will not vote for it.

Americans’ right to not live in a war zone trumps the rights of those who think they are entitled to own weapons only a soldier should have. We have to get sober and stop living this cowboy fantasy. I’m not going to ask “How many more people have to die?” I’m not going to think about candlelight vigils and sympathy. It’s simple. We either confront the absurd and deceptive gun lobby that rules most elected office-holders or we have no right to sympathy, to our tears, to candlelight vigils. We can stop this kind of automatic weapon violence if we choose to. And we can allow it to continue if we choose that.

Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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